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What happens if I need surgery? Will I need to find another physician?

OB GYN Specialists of Lima perform a variety of surgical procedures and robotic surgery to treat various women’s health conditions. When this type of intervention is needed, our physicians can perform your surgery at St. Rita’s Medical Center, the Surgery Center at St. Rita’s, as well as Lima Memorial Hospital.


An outpatient surgery performed to assess the cavity of the uterus. A small camera is inserted through the dilated cervix to allow the interior of the uterus to be visualized. This procedure is often combined with a D&C. Polyps, fibroids, and other intrauterine masses may be evaluated and sometimes removed in this way.

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

A surgery used for the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal bleeding. A similar procedure may be performed following a miscarriage. The cervix is gently opened with dilators, and an instrument is then inserted through the cervix to clear the uterine cavity.


Major surgical procedure used to treat various gynecological conditions such as fibroids, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, and prolapse. The uterus is removed (and sometimes the tubes and ovaries), usually through an incision on the abdomen or through the vagina. This type of surgery may be recommended when other more conservative therapies have not provided adequate results.


A surgery involving the placement of a camera and the use of specialized instruments, introduced through small abdominal incisions. Operations performed through the laparoscope allow the advantage of shorter hospital stays, less postoperative pain, and a more rapid recovery period for the patient. Various procedures may be performed in this way including treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, as well as the evaluation of pelvic pain or infertility.

Endometrial Ablation

An outpatient surgical procedure used to treat heavy or prolonged menstrual periods by destroying the superficial tissue layer of the uterine cavity. Often a hysteroscopy and D&C are performed along with this procedure.

Tubal Ligation (Sterilization)

A procedure performed for women who request a permanent means of pregnancy prevention. The tubal ligation may be done as an outpatient procedure through the laparoscope.


Essure® is permanent type of birth control. The small Essure inserts are permanently placed into your fallopian tubes during a minimally invasive surgery. These inserts allow your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy.

Robotic Surgery

The robotic surgery is an effective minimally invasive alternative to both open and laparoscopic surgery. Robotic surgery offers smaller incisions, significantly less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stay, faster return to normal daily activities, and the potential for overall better clinical outcomes.


For more information or to schedule a consultation or appointment with one of our providers, please call (419) 227-0610 or email obgynspecialists@wcoil.com.

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